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Let them wear their graphic tees!

March 25, 2019 2 min read

Having a relaxed dress code at work is usually appreciated by employees. When employees are allowed to have freedom of expression, it makes them happier, loyal and feel motivated to work harder.

Many companies or organizations allow their employees to wear casual attire. Setting up a casual dress code allowing employees to wear graphic t-shirts to work can seem like a very small thing, but it can really be an important 'benefit' to offer.

Why should people wear a graphic tee to work?

  1. It is a great perk. It is an affordable gesture that goes a long way with employees. It develops loyalty and it improves morale.
  2. It promotes creativity. It is a great motivator. It makes employees happier because they are allowed to be themselves. This is a great environment to grow and share ideas to grow the business. 
  3. It promotes teamwork. When a group wears a company logo on a tee, it gives the group develops a real sense of belonging, they become a team with the same purpose and goals. 
  4. It is fun. People who wear graphic t-shirts for work feel a sense of being at home, where it is a fun and free environment. 
  5. It expands the company brand. A company logo t-shirt is a walking billboard, it broadcasts your brand to the world for a long time. 

Should companies relax their dress code?

As the need for Millennial talent goes up and more Millennials venture into basic leadership responsibilities, expect the tendency towards wearing graphic tee shirts and jeans at the workplace to increase. Companies should be meeting their employee workforce where they are if they are to stay competitive in a 21st-century working environment. Position your company for next-generation growth and success.